Short Answer

Totally! Resource items inside of a tile are ordered alphabetically by their titles. You can change the order by numbering the items in the title or by adding non-alphabetic characters to the titles.

Long Answer

Yes you can! Depending on what you are trying to do you can change the order of the order of items within tiles by editing those items titles.


Numbering your items is the best way to specify the order of the items within a tile. If you have more than 9 items inside of a tile, you need to add 0's in front of the single digit numbers in order for them to sort properly.

Adding non-alphabetic characters to make one item jump to the top

If you have one item that you want to be displayed at the top and don't really care about the order of the rest of them, you can add a character at the beginning of the title like a space (" "), or an asterisk ("*") to have it sort to the top.



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