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Step 1: Click on 'Forgot Password' on

Once you type your email into the email field, click on 'Forgot Password.' If you have a user account with this email address, an email will be sent to that address.

Step 2: Open email.

Below is an image of what the password reset email looks like. Occasionally, users have reported this email getting sent to the junk/spam folders.
If you don't see your password reset email at the top of your inbox or maybe the email got lost amongst your busy inbox, try searching all of your emails for the following things:


Follow the link to a password reset form. Use a password that is easy to remember, but tough to guess. Combining words that make a story that is meaningful to you is just as secure as $0m3TH!NgLikeTh1S.


Step 4: Log In to to confirm that your new password is working.

Your new password will be effective immediately. If this isn't the case, ask Legit Apps to reset your password again.


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