Short Answer

Currently, multi-day events aren't fully supported. A good workaround for this is to create one event for when it starts and another for when it ends.

Long Answer

You can add multi-day events in the dashboard, but they mess with the "Starting Soon," "Now," and "Ending Soon" badges, and with the apps ability to jump to the current event. Because an event that spans multiple days is "Now" over the span of those days, and the multi-day event starts before all of the events that occur on subsequent days, the app will always jump to the multi-day event.

The following steps can help you more effectively engage your users in this event specifically, and not detract from your other events.


Step 1 – Create an event marking the first day of the event.


Step 2 – Create an event marking the last day of the event.


(Optional) Step 3 – Send sparse, meaningful, push notifications/news items reminding interested parties that the event is still going.

Watch this video on sending push notifications.

(Optional) Step 4 – Consider making a resource tile for the event containing lots of information for those who are curious

Watch this video on how to add resources.

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